Dance isthe
language of the soul.


The Laban Bartenieff Movement System (LBMS) is a comprehensive method of movement development that combines knowledge of dance, anatomy, psychology, and therapy. This technique was developed from the movement research and analysis done by Rudolf Laban and Ida Pauline Bartenieff in the mid-20th century and aims to deeply understand and develop human movement potential. It is a fascinating set of movement techniques and exercises that can lead to the discovery of not only your body’s potential but also your mind and emotions.

One of the fascinating aspects of LBMS is its impact on an individual’s inner life. Through the study and conscious practice of movement, this method can become a powerful tool for understanding and developing our emotional, intellectual, and spiritual lives.

The ability to express ourselves through movement is innate in humans, and LBMS expands our awareness of how movement can be a vehicle for our thoughts, feelings, and inner states. We notice that certain movements are associated with joy and expression, while others can express sadness or anxiety. This makes us realize that our body is a beautiful instrument for communicating with ourselves and our surroundings.

By practicing LBMS systematically, we learn to listen to our body and notice the signals it sends. We become more aware of our reactions to various stimuli, both internal and external. This enables us to understand how our inner life affects our reactions and behaviors.

In addition, movement in LBMS is spatial, rhythmic and dynamic. Performing these movements requires focus, attention and presence. As a result, this practice can lead to relaxation, increased concentration and stress reduction. By immersing ourselves in movement, we are able to release emotional and mental blocks that may be limiting us.

With LBMS, we also gain awareness of our movement patterns. We discover which movement patterns we repeat daily, and which ones may be contributing to tension or limitations. With this understanding, we can consciously work to change these habits, leading to greater freedom and harmony in our inner lives.

LBMS can not only be a fascinating tool for movement development, but also a profound way to discover and understand our inner lives. Integrating this method into everyday life can help us develop empathy, self-awareness and positive habits, ultimately contributing to a fuller and more authentic life.

My journey

After I came back from the first-week module of the Conscious Body and Movement Language Trainer course with Agnieszka Sokolowska and Karen Studd, it took

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