Dancing is
the language of the soul.

“Movement, to be experienced, has to be “found” in the body, not put on like a dress or a coat. There is that in us which has moved from the very beginning. It is that which can liberate us.”

Mary Whitehouse


We come into the world with flexible and free bodies that naturally express the energy of life through movement. As we mature, we often encounter situations and emotions that we cannot easily embrace in our basic fluidity. Gradually, we begin to block and stiffen in ways that are almost imperceptible. Our bodies retain these experiences within themselves, locking them in as still or frozen energy. This pattern of stopping and stiffening becomes a habit for us.

The practice of dance and movement supports and encourages us to release our trapped vitality. Dance can help us make meaning, express memories and experiences stored in our bodies, regain a sense of control, feel noticed and acknowledged, relax, and have fun. All of these experiences can help heal the mind and body.

Do you remember the last time you danced? To the discretion of the breath, without control and judgment? Was the music turned up to the max? How did you feel when you moved? How did you feel when the song ended?

In classes with me, you can experience authentic, spontaneous movement, stimulate the expression of emotions and develop body awareness. During the sessions, I encourage you to improvise, “visit” and activate different parts of the body that we don’t remember in everyday life, experiment with weight shifting, and change the fluidity of movements and ways of moving: pace and directions. The exercises involve discovering one’s own movements, integrated with the mind and body.


About me


I am a graduate of Psychology at the SWPS University, specializing in Psychosexology. I participated in a number of workshops in the field of conducting classes based on elements of Dance and Movement Therapy and completed a year-long course of the Trainer of the language of movement and conscious work with the body.

I combine my experience in the field of psychology and dance, carrying out workshops using elements of Laban/Bartenieff Movement Language (LBMS) and Dance and Movement Therapy (DMT).

I have been on the path of getting to know myself for many years.

I have been dancing Flamenco for 13 years. Dancing gives me the opportunity to express emotions and expression.

I did psychotherapy in the psychodynamic approach. I continue self-development, practicing various forms of therapeutic dance and participating in workshops related to Dance and Movement Therapy and Laban/Bartenieff Movement Language, Movement Medicine, 5 Rhythms, and Lowen Bioenergetic Analysis. During supervision, I discuss both my own and my clients’ work.

  • Master of Psychology, specialization in Psychosexology.
  • One-year course: Conscious Body and Movement Language Trainerhttps://agasokolowska.com/trenerki-rzy-jezyka-ruchu-i-swiadomej-pracy-z-cialem (Dancing Life – Aga Sokołowska).
  • Solution Focused Brief Therapy Level I (Pegasus: Rozwiązania Psychologiczne Daniel Jankiewicz – Alarcon).
  • Basics of DMT (DMT Institute).
  • Designing scenarios for working with groups (Centre for Dance and Movement Therapy, IBA).
  • Body and movement in working with emotions (Centre for Dance and Movement Therapy, IBA).
  • The use of dance and movement therapy techniques in working with groups (Dancing Life – Aga Sokołowska).
  • Body Image (Centre for Dance and Movement Therapy IBA)
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My offer

The classes I teach, based on the techniques of Dance and Movement Therapy and Movement Language, are a method of using body language and non-verbal communication to develop self-awareness and connect with oneself. I create a safe space where you can dance your emotions, feel “in the body”, and return to your bodily SELF. Using rhythm, associations, imagination, being inspired by another person, and many other factors that enable free, authentic dance, we look for the lost, childish joy of movement and express ourselves in a natural way.

Weekend self- development workshops. Increasing body awareness and expressing emotions through movement. Meditation, expression and improvisation in dance.

Several-week series of sessions, dedicated to a specific topic or goal, such as body image, grounding, and energization.

Workshops dedicated to a specific professional or development group. Cooperation with NGOs, psychological assistance centers, cultural institutions, and training companies.



5 classes: Thursdays 7:30 – 8:30 pm: April 25, May 16 and 23, June 13 and 20, 2024.

Listening to the body’s story, expressing emotions through movement, reflecting the other person’s movement, finding individual movement paths.


PLN 150 pass (PLN 175 after April 18)

Single class: 40 zł

ul. Jana z Kolna 25 Gdynia


MOvement In Tatra mountains

Body awareness and movement language workshops at the beautiful Kalatówki Hotel in the Tatra Mountains, combined with a guided expedition to the Tatra trails.

17th-19th of May, 2024

Transforming words into movement. Listening to stories hidden in the body.


PLN 750 net until March 31
850 zloty net between March 31 and May 2
990 PLN net from May 3.
Prices quoted are exclusive of Vat.

Hotel Górski Kalatówki 34-500 Zakopane



Today I took a breath, literally and figuratively. Today I felt liberated and I was overcome by laughter - what a wonderful feeling! Body. Who would have thought it was so important... or the movement itself... the way you guide us, how you let emotions go through the body, how you teach us to perceive them... - thank you.



your classes? - Liberating...



Breath for soul and body. I highly recommend it to everyone.



For me it's a journey inside myself and... thank you for that! You have a gift for people to integrate and motivate. I was encouraged by the fact that there is no compulsion and you always say that not everyone has to do a given exercise and yet they do.




If you want to learn more about the classes and methods I use, write an e-mail to magda.bodymental@gmail.com or fill out the form: